Renovation of Your apartment? Find some help!

  • Posted on: 28 April 2019
  • By: addmean
Author: Designerschuhe, Taschen und Accessoires
When we are living long time in our home we have to modify it a bit, only to make it fresh again. We're purchasing modern furniture or gadgets, repainting the rooms. But sometimes we need far bigger renovation, because house became shabby.

What to place on the wall?

  • Posted on: 1 January 2019
  • By: addmean
Author: Lukas Plewnia
It's an appealing question. But, do you actually have to put something on the wall? When you see at the historic books from the history, you will notice that they have continually placed something on their walls, even when people resided in a cave, they painted their wall surfaces and put many simple ornaments such as plants.